Sunday, 25 September 2016

Guiding Light

Woe was the bleakness in my darkest time
Heart leaden grey in gravity of mourn;
The light in your soul a haven of love
T’was your grace, for I found none from above.

Thou sowed my soul in the garden of hope

Whilst balancing our lives in tenderness,
Lavenders bouquet scents warm summer air
Reminding always of true love thou share.

© Julian Clarke 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016

Silken Scarf

Only words
bind us together
emotive, powerful yet destructive
hate you, adore you, you’re so Aargh!
just a sound, shapes scribbled down
intangible, yes, but still
scratch hearts with sadness:
only words I throw at you
not fists nor china cups of
cracked mouldy blue:
words are the weave
that wove our love...
to lose myself in you
to be a silken scarf
to warm your throat
whence words flow true;
oh to close my eyes and
touch a memory held so tight,
let words fall in the shape of a kiss
onto my longing lips this winter’s night.

© Julian Clarke 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Yellow Rose

I saw a yellow rose just now
It made me think of you,
Even though the day was grey
Its colour warmed the blue.

I felt the prick of blackthorn tree
As I recalled our crossed words,
And then a Skylark sang so sweet
No longer did it hurt.

I once fell down a rainbow
Searching for a pot of gold
A clattering and a tumbling
Now it's you I want to hold.

I saw a yellow rose just now
So radiant in its hue
I pursed my lips and blew a kiss
For it made me think of you.

© Julian Clarke 2016

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Ballad of Eva and Jack Marella

This is an experimental piece written in the form of a ballad. The inspiration is sourced from, in this case, Germanic folklore; Nixie also appears in Scandinavian, Celtic, Nordic and other mythology's by other names.
The actual story told in the ballad of Eva and Jack Marella is from my imagination.

Note to Poem
Nixie, in Germanic ancient folklore is a shape-shifting water fairy and is infamous for singing enchanted songs to lure human prey to watery deaths. The Nixie is usually a malicious female mermaid, and the Nix is her male counterpart. 

The Ballad of Eva and Jack Meralla

Soft lilting songs from the depths of
yellow and orange sun glazed waters,
Jack’s fishing boat now becalmed
Enchanted by Nixie’s belying charm;

And then the runes were cast so fast
As Nixie sang Eva downed her glass
Eva Marella knows not of sobriety
A raconteur of fables in gaiety.

Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de doo
Oh Fiddle de diddle de fiddle de dowe.

Now Jack Marella sings a shanty
Tied to the mast in a bottle of glass
Never again will he hold his soul
Till Nixie’s paid in doubloons of gold;

Mrs Marella head under her arm
Around her feet they swirled
Eva Marella sways to shanty
In drunkenness on gin and brandy.

Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de doo
Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de dowe.

Nixie why’d you to steal Jack’s soul
You green eyed siren of the deep
Eva she cried, “Oh sing to me”
With all your mystical beauty;

Mrs Marella she danced with Nixie
Never to gaze into her deep green eyes,
Under clear skies that night in June
Vowed she’d win him back none too soon.

Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de doo
fiddle de diddle de fiddle de dowe.

Not brandy, nore gin had been her sin
Since she vowed to win Jack back
For pieces of gold she told old fables
In the tavern round cider soaked tables;

As Eva Marella stowed the boats oars
Over the gunwale went the doubloons;
She woke next morning in marital bed
To Mr Marella kissing her forehead.

Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de doo
Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de dowe
Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de doo
Oh fiddle de diddle de fiddle de dowe.

© Julian Clarke 2016

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