Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The last laugh

Hello my poetry friends, first post for quite a while and a re-post at that, however I hope you enjoy it 2nd time around.

Reading a book in a trendy café
Hand wrapped around a steaming latte,
Mochas, Cappuccinos, whatever next!
Those trendy drinks can get me so vexed.

Huddled round a table some youngsters sat,
And then she said, how cool is that,
Oh my god, is that the latest smart phone
It’s so like, can I get one of my own.

To me it often makes no sense at all,
English is becoming quite farcical,
I try to keep up with the latest fads,
When did I turn into my dear old dad?

I'm getting old, but I can hold in a fart;
And when I can’t, I’ll have the last laugh.

Julian Clarke © 2019

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