Sunday, 17 December 2017

Your Gift

the space in your soul,
where love
 flows like a summers babbling brook;
where glistening stars
star in a warm velvet night.
The sprinkle of
 a sparkle of compassion,
absorbing the gift of the breath of peace.
And sharing a true love . . . most whole heartedly.

Julian Clarke © Dec' 17

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Yellow Affairs

The weather here is quite ghastly, wind, rain and just pah! and so I thought I'd post a piece with a Summery feel.

The Provencal sun lights vibrant blooms golden saffron, 
a Van Gogh, a picture so perfect;

a buzzing bee follows the scent of the sunflowers’ nectar
wafting on a warm southern breeze.

Splodged on an artist’s palette amidst the whites and ochre's
a squeezed tube spews cadmium lemon,

light delicate brush strokes capture the bees’ colourful bands
in shades of blacks and deep yellow.

The beauties of nature’s distractions momentarily lure him,
a painted lady teasingly bathes in warm summer rays . . .

the artist sits back and ponders on where to paint next year,
they say Italy’s nice, but is Naples really yellow?

Julian Clarke © 2016

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