Sunday, 23 July 2017

In Memory

In Memory

Beautiful flowers laid in memory
for beautiful souls once vibrant,
folk like me and you, just ordinary.

Regimented wreaths laid for the valiant
brave men and women of land, sea and air,
you’re saluted with emotion, so ardent.

We thank you in silence, with a prayer.

Julian Clarke © 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017

End of the line

For Brendans weekend challenge: Imagaine a Changing Earth. At 'Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads' and what a challenge this was.

Crystal meanderings on ochre bed
romancing of song from a babbling brook,
a willow weeps, not in sadness, but joy;
dragonflies, blue green, skitty in the sun.
Along its banks, lovers touch lips and kiss
free of the fever of life’s concessions.
Right here, love . . . is love, not a possession.


Inter-city train,
argh! Rush, crush, sardines,
standing room.
Smelly armpits, yuk!

Calling at all stations:
Polluted oceans, carbon monoxide, greenhouse gas,
Now stoppin at De-forestation.

We’re all here for the ride
Glued to the fever
living concessions
possessive lovers
hugging possessions.

Trans-continentals final stop:
Depleted ozone, affectionately known as, Apocalyptic Dystopia … 
End of the line.

Julian Clarke © 2017.

Linked to Imaginary gardens for Brendans weekend challenge: Imagaine a Changing Earth.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


How words can often times become an invisible barrier that's so hard to bring down. (This piece I penned quite a few months ago, and was linked to poets united)


Only words bind us together,
Emotive, powerful yet destructive;
Hate you, adore you, you’re so Aargh!
Just a sound shapes scribbled down
Intangible, yes, but still      
Scratch hearts with sadness.

Only words I throw at you
No fists or china cups of
Cracked mouldy blue;

Words are the weave
That wove our love . . .
To lose myself in you
To be a silken scarf
To warm your throat
Whence words flow true;
Oh to close my eyes and
Touch a memory held so tight,
Let words fall in the shape of a kiss
Onto my longing lips this winter’s night.

Julian Clarke © 2017

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