Saturday, 21 May 2016


He was just an average bloke
Yearned for wealth and fame,
Fed up with being lonely and broke
He played the lottery game.

Superstitions were piffle to him,
But a lucky charm he had
Bony and hairy, really quite grim,
He said it wasn’t that bad;

He held it tight that Saturday eve’
The lottery had just begun
The balls popped out his numbers came up
A million pounds he won.

He met her on that winning night
Said her name was Kim,
His friend said she wasn’t quite right
Tho’ she said she loved him

Kim told him don’t walk under the ladder,
An unlucky way to behave
And then she nudged him off the pavement
That bus was the death of poor Dave.

The rabbit’s foot she had thrown away
She knew it was a lucky charm
If he’d had it with him that fateful day,
Would he have come to harm?


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