Sunday, 10 December 2017

Yellow Affairs

The weather here is quite ghastly, wind, rain and just pah! and so I thought I'd post a piece with a Summery feel.

The Provencal sun lights vibrant blooms golden saffron, 
a Van Gogh, a picture so perfect;

a buzzing bee follows the scent of the sunflowers’ nectar
wafting on a warm southern breeze.

Splodged on an artist’s palette amidst the whites and ochre's
a squeezed tube spews cadmium lemon,

light delicate brush strokes capture the bees’ colourful bands
in shades of blacks and deep yellow.

The beauties of nature’s distractions momentarily lure him,
a painted lady teasingly bathes in warm summer rays . . .

the artist sits back and ponders on where to paint next year,
they say Italy’s nice, but is Naples really yellow?

Julian Clarke © 2016

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  1. Killed it with that last line.. lovely!

  2. Lovely poem. Great Summer feeling to this. Loved the last line.!

  3. My goodness that last line... sigh...❤️

  4. Such a beautiful yellow sunny poem.......we have just had a long week of warm golden sunshine ourselves, so I enjoyed the visuals in this poem.

  5. Oh, I like reading a summery poem today, as our weather is dreadfully cold here. There really is so much to paint in a summer scene, I think. And, ah, Italy WOULD be nice. Smiles.

  6. Oh this really does feel light and summery! Beautiful!!

  7. Thanks... I did have the brush in one hand, a palette in the other, and mind on pleasant breeze.

  8. I needed this... I agree on the weather.

  9. It's neat, this splash of cadmium lemon across this winter day. Of course, snow also makes me happy, so you doubled the joy.

  10. We just enjoyed our first snow of the season, so your summer visitation was welcome!

  11. It is cold and the earth is blanketed in white here as winter rapidly approaches. (sigh)

  12. Brrrrr! Just what we all needed to warm us up. Thank you Julian.

  13. That really did lighten me up and I was reminded of Donovan's Mellow Yellow.

  14. This such a fantastic license of your poetic muse, using colour to bring warmth into your wintry days. luv it

    Thanks for linking to Monday WRites

    much love...

  15. Oh that summer would return with its beautiful yellows..
    instead we have this white stuff...
    Thanks for your ray of sunshine!
    Anna :o]

  16. Oh I'm longing for springtime and sidewalks that don't need shoveling

  17. Yellow...such a sunny poem. It is 22F with snow on the ground, yet I do not wish for the sun. Naples may be lemon yellow but here in the south, it is the color blue of the winter sky.

  18. I could hear the bee and I love the lines:
    'Splodged on an artist’s palette amidst the whites and ochres
    a squeezed tube spews cadmium lemon'
    'they say Italy’s nice, but is Naples really yellow?'

  19. Beautiful and hopeful....I love it!


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