Sunday, 21 January 2018


The passenger ship approaches Guernsey,
Picturesque Isle of Herm off the port side,
Old Castle Cornet full of history
The militia once defended with pride.

At anchor, a cruise liner in the bay
Ships tenders, like ants in comparison,
Bringing tourists ashore for the day, some
Will visit Fort George, the old garrison.

Standing to attention the stevedore cranes
Harbour walls embracing the yacht basin,
Fishing boats offload the catch of the day
To meet the ebbing tide they must hasten.

Locals having fun in their pleasure boats
Coming and going are the visiting yachts,
Diving cormorants hunt in the harbour
Flying high is the common guillemot.

A bump and a nudge the ferry makes fast,
Smiling passengers eagerly alight.
Off to the town with its cobbled high street
Flowers in bloom are a delightful sight.

One can feel the influence from France
Dan’s Le Pollet est le Petite Bistro,
Up from La Plaiderie a Sarnian dance
The accordionist swaying to and fro.

Narrow Cow Lane leads to the old harbour
Livestock once passed here for slaughter,
An arched entrance has long since gone
Once led to square riggers on the water.

Al fresco lunch at the Terrace Café
Amazing views to Herm, Jethou and Sark,
Local lobster’s the fresh catch of the day
Or a traditional dish of Guernsey Bean Jar.

Visit the museum of Victor Hugo
At Hauteville House his home in exile.
Poetic decorations, preserved, on show
Wonderful wall hangings of rich textiles.

The old quarter with its quaint narrow streets
Second hand wares and antiques on sale.
Alleyways twist and turn with steps so steep
Lamp light walks with many a ghostly tale.

© Julian Clarke 2017

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  1. Very visual! (Sounds like a fun day.)

  2. I really like all of the details you included. I feel as if I am right there & caught up in the action!

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful place... Like a brochure you brought me there... no I need to book a ticket.

  4. Thanks for the is said, "A change is as good as a rest." I feel renewed!

  5. You make me want to visit. Sounds like a very special place.

  6. I'd go there in a heartbeat.

  7. You have a very busy harbour. I can see all the activity. I especially like the name Narrow Cow Lane.....there must be a story there!

  8. There is a real sense of love for your location - very atmospheric

  9. I love walking through historical places. I remember roaming the streets of Old San Juan Puerto Rico. So broken hearted at what happened to it last year.

  10. I holiday in Guernsey when a child Julian – I would have been 8-9 (I think).
    My vivid memories are of the German underground hospital – I can still remember it had a strange smell, the fact we kids could have sweets everyday, I am sure we bought them at Woolies which was up a banked cobbled street, we had our photo taken by the stature of Victor Hugo, but the most wonderful thing was the French Onion soup served up at the B&B. It was divine and I have never ever tasted said soup again that even came close to it.
    Anna :o]

    1. Hi Anna, my wife has a recipe for the most wonderful french onion soup with crusty bread. You are absolutely re Woolies, sadly it's no longer there, I also remember the pick and mix sweet counter.

  11. It's odd what sticks in our memories Julian, I am thinking of Woolies and the cobbled street. This memory is over fifty years old! I would love your wives recipe!
    Anna :o]


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