Saturday, 2 June 2018

Beautiful box, full of temptation

With one thing and another I've not made a good enough effort to find time to write, what with going to London to see the Rolling Stones (they still rock, awesome) in concert the other weekend and the arrival of summer.
And on to my latest offering, loosely based on mythology. 

Beautiful Box, full of temptation

A butterfly child from blood of all gods
gathered a cursed figment from wild heathlands,
gently placed in a fine box, ignorant
to repercussions of times shifting sands.

Dryads, of virtue and innocence, safe
placed the box in forests of ancient oak;
here nature encompassed forthright and just,
secured in naivety from human folk.

The beautiful box with fine marquetry
uneasily balanced on every one’s mind.
Mysterious vipers, carved in relief,
tempted evil temptation from mankind.

Skies blustered nimbus obscuring the sun,
and the smiles distort as faces grimace;
all stars and all darkness combined as one.
Feeling the ark flounder in the rat race.

June 2018 © Julian Clarke


  1. all stars and all darkness combined as one.
    Feeling the ark flounder in the rat race.

    The rat race can fail if one is too weak to give a good fight against outside factors!


  2. The concert must have been a blast! I enjoyed the tale told in this poem, Julian. Always lovely to read you.

  3. I wasn't sure what to think as I enjoyed reading this. (the 60s had its effects : )

  4. Wow. The Rolling Stones. Must have been fun.
    Your poem tells a tale of fascination. Enjoyed.

    1. Thank you, Myrna. Yest the Stones went beyond all expectations, awesome.

    2. Your poem is fascinating Julian. Sometimes it is wise to ignore temptation, although hard to do...
      Glad you enjoyed the concert.
      Anna :o]

  5. Richard Fleming5 June 2018 at 14:21

    Still rolling .... amazing!


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