Thursday, 11 October 2018

Where's that damn rabbit

It’s quite insane down here, she thought . . .
The round rabbit hole was not the problem
The rabbit hole was the solution,
The problem was the enticing jam tarts,
An eccentric chap in a tall black hat explained.
My, how mad he looked in his black top hat, she thought.

From his waist coat pocket he pulled out a round time piece.
Oh dear, oh dear, the rabbit said as he pocketed his fob watch.
Oh! you mustn’t crymy dear, said the Knave, with a creepy sneer.
If you play your cards right, 
The cat in the corner gave a mischievous grin, for he knew the Knaves sin.
And the Knave went on, You can be my Queen of Hearts . . . if you like.

Oh, fuck off, said Alice.

© Julian Clarke. 2018


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment, glad you enjoyed it

  2. Alice is a bit less gullible now... love the scenery

  3. Ah, I loved the title, and the following revamp of Alice's encounter is simply delightful.
    "The round rabbit hole was not the problem/The rabbit hole was the solution": That made me wonder. Very well-penned. :-)

    1. Thanks Anmol, for dropping by and leaving your thoughts, most appreciated.

  4. Jam tarts and rabbit holes are ALWAYS the solution.

  5. all ice is Alice, and rightly so ~

  6. Bwahahahaha ❤️ Love the closing here! Alice is a force to reckon with 😄

    1. Hi Sanaa, thank you for you remarks, I'm pleased you found it amusing.


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