Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The last laugh

Hello my poetry friends, first post for quite a while and a re-post at that, however I hope you enjoy it 2nd time around.

Reading a book in a trendy café
Hand wrapped around a steaming latte,
Mochas, Cappuccinos, whatever next!
Those trendy drinks can get me so vexed.

Huddled round a table some youngsters sat,
And then she said, how cool is that,
Oh my god, is that the latest smart phone
It’s so like, can I get one of my own.

To me it often makes no sense at all,
English is becoming quite farcical,
I try to keep up with the latest fads,
When did I turn into my dear old dad?

I'm getting old, but I can hold in a fart;
And when I can’t, I’ll have the last laugh.

Julian Clarke © 2019

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  1. Ah, sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest trends...and sometimes one doesn't want to! Smiles. I do like the idea of reading a book in a trendy cafe rather than sitting with the latest smartphone. Seems reading a book is no longer trendy. Smiles. Nice to see you once again!

  2. "It's so, like," is a phrase that rather drives me crazy. Because, like, it makes no sense. Smiles.

  3. P.s. lovely to see you, Julian!

  4. cute...laughing in the last stanza...it is usually the best way out of anything,,,bkm

  5. Ha.. eavesdropping on the younger generation can be a lot of fun... but it also tells us that we are getting older.

  6. Yup! That's how It Looks Outside My Window : )

  7. LOL, my kids are kind enough to keep me abreast of all the teen slang.

  8. Hold in thst fart man, by all means, hold in that fart. About the rest of it all - there are elements of deevolution in all evolution...

  9. And when you can't you can always blame the dog:)

  10. I'm confuzzled; is this, like, a joke? Fun - thanks for sharing!


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