Thursday, 21 July 2016

Exercise your right

Voiceless, and
bound by chains of society,
no suffrage for women of the day
suffragettes bound in chains
advocating there right to a say;
political, militant, activists
a debt owed to courageous ladies
the free life you have, belief and hope
don’t complain when you don’t exercise your vote.

© Julian Clarke 2016

July 21st. Posted for
Poets United mid week Motiff, Suffrage the right to vote


  1. uh oh...hey why the fonts are so so teeny tiny?

    "don’t complain when you don’t exercise your vote." i felt like telling this to a woman who did not vote this year in our State but refrained...sigh...there will always be people like this in every country...thought provoking lines here...

    1. Hi Sumana, Makes me angry when someone complains without casting their vote.
      Thanks for your comment. Re- tiny font size, sorry 'bout that, on my screen it normal size si I don't know what has happened.

  2. I have a friend who always says, at voting time, that people died to give us our right to vote. Loved your poem.

    1. Sherry, thanks for commenting; you're absoultley right, so many have suffered in order for others to enjoy freedom of speech.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Thotpurge, appreciate your comment, and thanks for dropping by.

  4. I think people who do not vote are so oblivious to history and the long struggles for the right to vote by people in totalitarian regimes and by women. Your poem acknowledges the fights of the suffragettes for the all precious right to vote.


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